A little stroke here, a little blotch there, a little rub in the middle, a little smudge of blue down there — before you know it, your hands are deliciously dirty with a yummy khichdi of paint, and voila, you’ve just completed another doodle in Photoshop.

Here’s what I cooked up last night:

And another one:

… those were about two hours of cooking in Photoshop. Here’s the recipe: I shot some newspaper clippings, chopped up the photograph really fine, threw in some blueberries, fiery jalapenos and cheese, and nuked the whole mess in the microwave for a good two minutes till it was tender and bright :)

So much for the first post of 2007… Happy New Year everyone.

I’ll go now and wash the paint off from under my fingernails.  ▧


Here’s an interesting interpretation of the artwork, posted by Vivek in the comments: (Thanks, Vivek)

As we have been moving on, the media more than ever before seems to have lost credibility and focus. And this is seen more here than even in India. There is hardly any divergent viewpoint, true humane stories from around the world are never published and are increasingly buried and smudged under layers of darkness 1. Instead, what we are shown are superficial layers covered by color, gloss and smiling faces 2 so that we the selected few stay in our comfort zones, and are not disturbed by what is truely happening.

As long as the media meets our needs 3, there is no need to look beyond. They might make the smiles more wider 4, but the colors will fade, until the rust starts showing 5 and the true picture emerges.

  1. Saturated Curl (SC) has a layer of charcoal on the top right corner.

  2. Newsprint. Interrupted. (NI) has a smiling face on top right.

  3. NI has the words “great pay” bottom left.

  4. The smile becomes larger from SC to NI.

  5. SC … the saturation is almost overwhelming, jaundiced and rusted.

January 15, 2007