If you use 30 Boxes — the to-do list or the calendar — this is for you. 30 Boxes Accelerator Keys is a Greasemonkey script I’ve written to allow one-key keyboard shortcuts to 30 Boxes, for quick access to most of its features.

Install 30 Boxes Accelerator Keys 0.1

You can, for instance, press T to get your to‑do items, W to go to the Webtop, or J and K to scroll through your calendar. (Incidentally, the lack of scrolling with J and K was the initial reason for writing this).


New keys added. You can now use F to find any event in your calendar from any 30 Boxes screen. ‘I’ jumps to Today.

Here is the complete list of keyboard shortcuts:

TTo‑do Items
QQuick Add (One Box)
JScroll to Past Events (in Calendar View)
KScroll to Future Events (in Calendar View)
IGo to Today
EClose To Do Items etc. (like Esc)
NAdd New Event
BToggle Buddy Updates in the Webtop
HHelp on Keyboard Shortcuts

Typically all these keys will work on just about any 30 Boxes screen. If you’re looking at your to‑do Items for instance, you can hit W to change the background of the to‑do list to the Webtop while still showing your to‑do’s, and can revert back to your calendar by pressing C. While still at your to‑do’s, you can press E to close the “window”, or hit F if you need to find an event in your calendar.

June 10, 2006