Natural Language Processing for Creating Calendar Events

One-day hack for the Exchange Winter HackDay 2014, to create calendar events using natural language.

30 Boxes Accelerator Keys

Greasemonkey script to allow one-key keyboard shortcuts for the 30 Boxes calendaring application.

Distributed Scalable Peer-to-Peer Metasearch Engine

P2P implementation of a Google-style search engine with distributed scalable crawling, indexing with PageRanking and relevancy-ranked integration of search results from other engines. (Project Report, PDF, 110KB)

MMS Mail System

Distributed client-server mail system, with symmetric synchronous server replication for fault tolerance. (Project Report, PDF, 196KB)

Linux-based Network Intrusion Detection System

Network intrusion detection system for Linux. (Project Report, PDF, 2.4MB)


Python script to publish RSS/Atom to a blog via the MetaWeblog API.