It’s 6 in the morning and I’m at loggerheads with myself whether I’d go running or check out the gym… I’d slept a litte late, so I finally decide, a walk it will be. Come to think of it, I’d never trade my little morning odysseys for anything in the world. Imbibing all the sights and sounds and smells (sans the noxious kinds) of the early morning is a newfound delectable experience in itself for me :)

I hit the street. There’s a cute little white kitten precariously perched atop some rubble in the neighbourhood. She’s peacefully asleep, oblivious to the rising din and bustle outside. …funny how such a simple sight can seem so endearing. I move on.

Behind a building I spy a tower top gleaming golden in the rising sun: a little tiara for a staid building, a silhouette in gold. …Like my sister would say…

Heaven is a place on earth

The sun is up, shining with all its might, painting the city a different hue altogether. The enchantment is wearing off… I turn around heading back home, elated in my joie de vivre.

A bird twitters in the neighbourhood. I hasten my pace — have some homework to do, a different serenade altogether.

…The end of yet another matutinal odyssey.

Sleep well, kitty.

April 18, 2004